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Good morning all. Today I'm going to start a new section called Zeiyna's Advice. In this section I will answer questions that I have, most often in private, about love. I wish to share these questions and responses with you so that I can help several people. Perhaps among you there are those who would never dare to ask in the first place. All questions will obviously remain anonymous. I am very honored that you trust me and that you are so interested in my opinion.


Hey Zeiyna, I like a girl on Wooz, but how do I explain it to you ... I'm a very shy person. So I dare not tell her, what should I do? Thanks, kisses.

Hi, the question of the first step is often very delicate! The main advice I can give you is to become aware of your qualities and as they say "he who does not try anything has nothing". You have to stay natural, yourself. Shyness should not be taken as an obstacle, but rather as an asset. It allows a mysterious side to be left in the person who will be discovered, but only if we get close enough for it to open. Don't think you will never get there and get the negative thoughts out of your head ; everything will be fine! Last tip to overcome your shyness: get out of your comfort zone and put yourself to the test. You shouldn't always run away from situations that scare you.


I am in love with a boy who goes out with someone, but I also go out with another ... What should I do?

Wow, this is hard. If you no longer want to be with your boyfriend, the best is to remain sincere with him and let him go so that he can live a relationship with the one who wants to be with him. As for the boy you like, he has a girlfriend. If they are in a relationship and everything is going well for them, the best you can do is not to disrupt the relationship and move on. Being with someone you don't want and wanting someone you can't have is too heavy for your little heart and it will only hurt you.


I had a big disappointment in the past and today I can no longer trust anyone, what should I do?

Trust is built on two sides. To trust other people, you need to show them that they can trust you, too. And you can only do it if you believe you can win people's trust. When you meet someone, for example, you can take the initiative and tell a personal story to build a relationship. But take it easy telling your secrets. If you realize the person doesn't care, you don't have to continue. Trust is built gradually as relationships grow closer. In addition, you will learn to trust people who are worth your trust.


Zeiyna, well, I really have a unique style .... Painted hair, black nails, clothes that have nothing to do with the female gender, you see? How do I get my parents to accept my style?

Hello pretty Girl. It's quite difficult to try to be yourself and go against everything and everyone around you, isn't it? Remember, your safety and your sanity must always be one step ahead. Did you tell them about identity? To be yourself? Sometimes we have to stop worrying about what they will think of us. There must be a peaceful way for you to keep your style and be at peace with your family. I believe that dialogue is the best support tool.


My friend likes me, what should I do?

I'm going to help you with some thoughts: do you like it? Do you see him as he sees you? Do you want to be with him? If you want, why not give it a try? If you don't want to, it's also good to stay friends and discuss it calmly. I think the most important thing right now is to be honest with your friend. Talk to him no matter what you decide.


Be careful, the answers are just advice ; unfortunately I don't have the perfect answer. These  are here only to help you gain confidence and try to help. My advice may not be the best. The situations are all so different.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me in private. I would be happy to answer you in the next section.

With love, you'r MatchMaker Zeiyna, #25415914.

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