Get warm in the icy cold at the ‘Yoi Jikan’ Onsen!

Smeet Room Yoi Jikan Onsen Chat Game

An Onsen is a Japanese Hot Spring. Utilizing the volcanic nature of the country, these hot natural baths have become a big part of Japanese tradition and culture.

Yet as we well know - anything the Japanese can do, the people of Smeet City can do better! Welcome to the Yoi Jikan Onsen, located way up in the Smeet Highlands. It’s only just opened but has already become a favorite winter destination for many people looking for a relaxing break from their busy city lives.

Attract Customers to Yoi Jikan with the Onsen Ad Signs. It shouldn’t be too hard, the place sells itself really! Once they arrive bring out Bottles of Sake and Sets of Towels, before allocating Bronze, Silver and Gold Onsen Tickets and finding the Customers an Onsen Seat.

The good vibes will start to flow pretty quickly, producing precious Relaxation that can be used to complete the three Onsen Badges!

Make sure your visitors can sit back and relax, Smeeters!