Keep the Candy Monster’s of Terra Dulcis happy!

Smeet Room Terra Dulcis Chat Game

Every now and again we get a real craving for something it’s a good job that whenever that happens, a brand new sugary room seems to appear on Smeet!

This time around it’s Terra Dulcis, a colorful landscape that is the perfect place to produce delicious candy. It’s not all a happy place of sherbert and bon bons here though – there are also hungry Candy Monsters that demand a constant supply of sweets or they’re ready to cause some trouble!

Best get to work on the candy then! For the basis of all the candy types mix Sugar and Fruit Flavor into the powerful Volcano Oven. This will produce Candy Mass so you can start shaping your sweets! Produce normal Candy by simply feeding the Candy Mass into the Candy Press Plants. However some of the Candy Monsters won’t be satisfied with everyday regular Candy – they want something more exclusive!

This is where Gold Boosts are required. Mix them with the Candy Mass in the Golden Candy Press to produce beautiful Golden Candy. This should satisfy even the fussiest of Candy Monsters!


Best of luck Smeeters, keep those monsters happy!