Welcome to the Smeet Spring Games 2019!

Smeet Spring Games 2019 Intro Round 1

This year the competition kicks off bang on May 1st! There will be 5 exciting rounds, some that require teamwork and some that require individual creativity!

The rounds will take place over 3 weeks, and the schedule is as follows:

Round 1 - Facebook Post Sharing.
Round 2 - Room Contest.
Round 3 - Spring Film.
Round 4 - Avatar Contest.
Round 5 - International Grill Party (this event will close the Spring Games on 28th May)

For each round, Spring Games Points will be on offer, as follows:

1st place = 3 Spring Games Points
2nd place = 2 Spring Games Points
3rd place = 1 Spring Games Point

At the end of all five rounds the winning domain will win Smeet Spring Games badges, as well as a special reward! As there are more users in some domains than others, we are going to separate them into two groups:

The Butterfly Group - TR, FR, GR and ES/LA
The Beehive Group - DE, PL, EN, IT and LT.

There will be other individual and group prizes on offer (details and instructions will be given before each round), but all participating domains that earn at least 1 Spring Games Point will earn a Spring Games Participation Badge!

Round 1, the Facebook Sharing Contest, has already begun! Head to the Smeet Community Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/smeet3d/) and get involved now!

We wish you the best of luck, Smeeters!