Bring motor racing heaven to your basement with an epic Slot Car Racing track!

Smeet Room Slot Car Racing Chat Game

In the age of the internet, home entertainment has become depressingly screen-based (except for Smeet…obviously). So whenever you come across an old-school game or classic toy, it’s always a nice reminder of the way things used to be! There’s pinball, table football, air hockey…all classics, but you’ve just become the envy of all your mates old enough to remember as you have just picked up a SLOT CAR RACING set!!!

What’s more, you have the perfect space to build an amazing track – your basement. It’s spent the past 9 months acting as your old Uncle Harry’s bedroom after his girlfriend kicked him out, but fortunately he’s found a new flame and has just moved out! History tells us he’ll be back again sooner rather than later, but in the meantime you can fill your basement with the finest Slot Car track in Smeet City!

Collect the various pieces required to build an awesome circuit – Engineering Skills, Track Pieces, Electricity and Figures – and utilize the Tools to bring it all together. Once you have the track built, it’s just a case of adding some awesome cars that are capable of burning rubber in the most stylish way possible!

It won’t be long until Slot Car fever comes to town. Vroom vroom, Smeeters, get to work!