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Don’t fall in love too fast.  If you fall in love too fast and hard, it is not love.  Love takes time.  Do you fall in love fast and hard, like I do all the time?  My problem is I can feel strongly about someone really quickly and falling in love fast is something I’m very familiar with on Smeet.    It is really strange but I am not this way in my real life but only on Smeet.  Falling in love too fast and hard will ALWAYS end very quickly like how it started.  Why?  Love takes time.  If a person says that he/she has fallen in love at first sight, I honestly, do not believe it is love.  In order to really love another new person, one must get to know the real him/her in all types of situations that you will face together.  This will only come with time.  One can only say:  I love him/her IF one has really gotten to know that new person for who he/she really is.  Love is not a physical attraction for the other person’s looks, physical appearance, nice outfits, their voice, etc.

Falling in love with another person too fast and hard will always end in crushed feelings and dreams.  I say this based on all my past experiences of falling in love too fast and hard on Smeet.  Love is such a very powerful emotion.  It is always important to GUARD your heart for that right person.   A person who will not only love you for who you are and accept all of your weird/quirky ways,  but a person who will bring out the best of you all the time and makes you want to become a better person.   Finding someone like this is not an easy task. 

When one first start to date someone new, whether it is online Smeet or in real life, remember to always take things SLOWLY and be sure to establish boundaries.

If you are like me and you fall in love with someone new too fast and hard, here are a few things to look for and practice:

  1.  Be honest with yourself:   Take the time to figure out just why you are having such strong feelings toward this new person whom you just met.
  2. Create Boundaries:  I have always mentioned in my past articles, regarding setting your boundaries from the very beginning.   Boundaries are important in every long term, solid relationship.  You don’t have to spend every single day together online or in real life, but rather allow your new love and yourself space and try to spend some time apart from each other.
  3. Recognize the red flags:  No one is perfect, only GOD is perfect, but try to keep your eyes open for any red flags early into your new friendship/relationship.  There will always be red flags given by your new love and be ready to recognize them and take proper action right away. IF the red flags show clearly negative and not desired type of behaviors.  For example:   If the red flags indicate any type of physical, verbal, emotional or any type of abuse, end the friendship/relationship quickly.  Do not overlook or ignore any of these types of red flags.  These are warnings to you of what is ahead and it will only get worst.   Never ever think you will endure and continue into this type of relationship because you think you can change him/her.  It will never happen.  Sorry folks. But no one can change another person’s bad behaviors:  only the person himself/herself can, IF, that is their desire. 
  4. Be the person in control of your own emotions:  Ask yourself this question:  Why do you always fall in love fast and hard?  Are you afraid of being alone and with no companion in your life? Learn why and what triggers your emotions and learn to master them.  This will take some time but practice, practice, practice. 
  5. Know your worth:  Lastly, but the most important aspect of all the above listed ways to change yourself from falling in love too fast and hard is:  know your worth.   Know that you are a most precious treasure:  a valuable person who deserves the best in love and life.   Everyone deserves and should have a significant other/partner who will love you more than you love him/her.  My mother always told me this growing up:   Marry a man who will love you more than you love him.  In other words, folks, true love must be two-sided among both partners:  the love you give out and show with your actions toward your partner, must and always be reciprocated back to you in the same or more magnitude.

(**Some excerpts from:  The Date Mix)

 Love is a most wonderful thing.  Falling in love with someone new and to experience true love with that new person will take time.  Learn to take things slowly by getting to know your new friend and then falling in love with him/her by discovering who he/she really is.   This will, of course, take time. 

 Always remember this:  Love never hurts, but it is people who hurt us.   So never ever give up on love but just always keep falling in love over and over again, but slowly not fast and hard.   Never lose hope in finding your Mr. Right/Ms. Right.   I remember my mother always telling me:   Stop looking for love, because when you least expect it, the right person will be right in front of you.

Hope all the above information helps all of you who fall in love too fast and hard.   Please do not hesitate to say hi to me if you see me around on Smeet and if you have any questions or would like to see other topics never covered in my past articles, please do not hesitate to message me in private and I will be sure to answer them in my articles.   Until we meet again, keep smiling, keep dancing, keep meeting new peoples at our daily events, and keep falling in love over and over again.   Always remember to love one another, because Love conquers all!   God bless all of you!  <3

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