Stop the eruption at Ka’ula, the Old Hawaiian Volcano!

Smeet Room Kaula the Hawaiian Volcano Chat Game

You’ve booked a holiday to Hawaii. It’s pretty exciting and should give you the opportunity to relax after a few tough months at work…

In theory. Unfortunately, you turn up at Honolulu airport to find the islands in chaos. The family of fire gods responsible for controlling the lava flows at the Ka’ula volcano are not happy, and the locals are trying to scrape together the necessary offerings to calm them down and restore serenity to the islands. Tricky.

So, before you can go chill on the beach, why not help them out? You have experience dealing with all sorts of crazy situations, so this shouldn’t be any different.

Firstly, use the Mortars to break down Magical Powder for the Shaman, who will throw it on the bonfire to produce precious Propitiation that is necessary to appease the volcano gods! You can also earn Propitiation through the Hula Dancers (make sure you provide the Ukulele music!), the Hibiscus (make them into Hibiscus Garlands), the Fruit on the Fruit Trees, and the Human Effigies created by the Hawaiian Crafter. Some of these items are also necessary to complete the Tiki Statues, which are a traditional offering that the Gods always enjoy!

If you provide enough, the Ka’ula gods will surely reward you. Get to work, Smeeters!