Sweet dreams on the Jolly Candy Farm!

Jolly Candy Farm Room Smeet

We aren’t sure if you’ve been struggling to sleep properly in the past few weeks, but you’ve been having some seriously weird dreams lately. It’s time to delve into your mind and turn one of them into a Smeet Room…

You find yourself in a sickeningly colorful place, the Jolly Candy Farm! It’s great because EVERYONE LOVES scoffing sweets, cakes and chocolate unless they are a) weird or b) have specific dietary instructions from their doctor. It’s also great because this is a dream, meaning you can eat as much as you like for ever and ever without getting sick, even if you DO have specific dietary instructions from your doctor.

Grab your sparkling set of Candy Cutlery to harvest as many sweet treats as you can. From Chocolate Trees to Caramel Bonbon Bushes, the choice is plentiful! Once you have enough of these ‘natural’ ingredients, you can create the most scrumptious cupcakes Smeet has ever seen! There are eager buyers just waiting to take them off your hands, too. Cupcakes are in vogue, it seems. In tonight’s dream at least!


Time to put that sweet tooth into action, Smeeters, best of luck!