Holiday Season Tips from ®†hєхєn_tαnz†®!

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EN Host ®†hєхєn_tαnz†® talks about safety and tips for the upcoming Holiday Season

Hello Smeeters, the holiday seasons are among us and it can be very hectic this time of year. A cheerful season can turn stressful and chaotic if not planned out.

Many of us on Smeet and around the world celebrate many different holiday’s so it is important to practice safety during these chaotic times. There are many Nationalities in the entire World and many holidays to be celebrated this season. Following these four basic steps can and most likely will assure you a safe shopping experience or even a safe walk to the store or bank so let’s talk safety!

  1. When and if you are shopping for a loved one or friend always park in a crowded area. Never park far away because you need to get those extra steps in to lose weight. It is the holidays we will gain weight! It is important to always park as close to the store or area you are headed to as possible to avoided being confronted by anyone! I know when my Mom goes shopping, she often asks for a security guard to walk her to her car because she has so much in hand. So, if you are feeling timid, have a bad feeling, or just want to play the safety card most stores offer security walks to your car during this time.


  1. Always keep a whistle on your keychain. This will ensure anyone who has a negative intent towards you or sees something they want will quickly back off or you are more likely to have the person back off if you give it a firm toot! It also sends an alert to other people surrounding you and workers outside that something is wrong. In my house we all carry whistles on our keychain even though we live in a safe private neighborhood. Can’t grab your whistle? Then just plain SCREAM HELP! There is not one person in this world who does not know that word and it is most likely the assailant or attacker will immediately run off. Studies show carrying a whistle and yelling HELP can reduce your chances of being mugged by up to a whopping 87%! Of course, in some rare circumstances if someone wants something, they will just take it but using this method can ward off attackers greatly.


  1. If shopping at night (try to avoid but sometimes work prohibits otherwise) always carry a flashlight and check your car. Often times we are in a hurry and can leave the car unlocked leaving you a target of attack. Carrying a flashlight will not only give you a better visual of your surroundings but can ensure the safety of yourself before entering your vehicle. It only takes an additional 7 seconds studies say to check your car from the outside!


  1. Finally, if you can ALWAYS shop with a buddy. Studies have shown if you are with a group or at least one other person you are 96% likely to be left alone. One on one is unfair if being attacked but two against one the odds are in your favor usually! No assailant wants confrontation that is usually the last thing on their mind. They are quick! They want what they want and they flee.


I hope the following statistics and tips can help you rest easy during your shopping experience or anytime you are outside in the general public. Remember it is not just shopping we have to be careful of its anywhere we go! Weather it be grocery shopping, a transaction at the bank or just a simple walk there are people out there everywhere looking for something. Please everyone be safe during the holiday seasons and enjoy the time with your loved ones. No matter what holiday you celebrate its all about family and love! If we grow up with love and family in our lives then we can spread it back to the world.


Want something specific written? Have a topic you want covered? Feel free to message me at any time to talk about YOUR next idea in the Smeet blog. Until then have a great day, month year and enjoy the holidays everyone!

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