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Know the color of your aura according to your zodiac sign and discover who you are compatible with! The aura is the energy discharge of your body that sometimes you can see thanks to its colors. It is related to certain traits of people, such as their character and way of life. What few know is that this color is related to the zodiac sign. Do you want to know what aura color you have?

Aries (red) The biggest feature of the Aries is their competitiveness and great passion for projects, both in the workplace and in the sexual field ( o la la); Your aura is usually red. They usually have incredible relationships full of passion with people of yellow, orange and red colors.

Taurus (forest green) Taurus are very relaxed people; They always have their feet on Earth. They seek to cure people with the peace they transmit at all times. If you belong to this sign you will have a spiritually harmonious and very romantic relationship with people with green and blue aura.

Gemini (yellow) This is one of the brightest colors in the spectrum of the aura and reveals optimism, coquetry and a lot of energy towards life, that is, the representative characteristics of the Gemini. With people of yellow and orange auras they will get along great, with red they will have moments of great sensuality, but the latter will be very competitive.

Cancer (pink) Those who are governed by this sign are romantic and enamored people, so their aura is wrapped in this color that symbolizes empathy, affection and love. You are very compatible with red auras (there will be a lot of passion), romance and details, and they will have an enviable communication.

Leo (orange red) Its ruling star is the Sun, so it is not surprising that the color of the sunset is equal to that of its aura. This means trust and strength, unequivocal symbols of a Leo. Having a relationship with a pink aura will benefit you greatly, as they complement your strength and passion.

Virgo (royal blue) A serious color, but clear and honest: that means royal blue. It is also a symbol of logical and rational thinking, all the characteristics of a Virgo. Your relationship with people of green aura will revive the flame of love every minute.

Libra (turquoise) The Libra release a turquoise aura that is a symbol of calm, objective and diplomatic people, but they are also happy people who illuminate the lives of others with smiles. With blue and green colors, you will have excellent emotional relationships that will splurge honey.

Scorpio (indigo) Scorpios have a color that reflects their mysterious, sensitive and intuitive side. The natives of this sign are usually sensitive to emotions and empaths, but rarely reveal their secrets. You will get along wonderfully with the violet auras.

Sagittarius (bright orange) This color means expansion, creativity, energy and well-established trust, just what people of this sign usually overflow. He also has an appetite for new life experiences. You will have to fill those life experiences with a red or yellow aura that also radiates energy.

Capricorn (deep red) Those of Capricorn are tough, strong and trustworthy people when everything seems harder. That's why his aura is the brightest of the whole zodiac with that intense and striking red, it works perfect in relationships with pink or yellow aura.

Aquarius (light green) People of this sign emit a healing aura that always seeks to help others achieve their personal best. Finding people with this sign is a true gift of life. With blue and green auras, you will have great love relationships, full of love and details.

Pisces (violet) Pisces are people with a more developed creativity than others because they spend a lot of the day daydreaming. That is why his aura is usually violet, the so-called color of imagination and dreams. You will get amazing with indigo auras.

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