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The rising sign is part of our Astral Chart, which illustrates the position of the stars when we are born. The ascendant governs your personality and character. What is the rising sign you may ask. It is a kind of deep inner self "that complements the descending position, where the I, they, their” relationships with third parties are located. That is why the description of your zodiac sign is much more complete if you have the birth chart and the position of its rising sign.

How do you calculate the ascendant? The ascendant is determined by the time of birth, so a person who is born on the same day and year as you can be very different from you, depending on the time of birth. You can find your ascendant sign in the table. What does each rising sign say about us? Now that you know your ascendant, you will want to know what it says about you. I will describe the characteristics of each of them.

ARIES: You have had a very strong sign, you are a person with a strong character, you like to be number one in everything and lead others. You are a born emperor and you are always very sure of yourself, you never hide behind anyone and say what you think,

TAURUS: You easily captivate people and you love being the center of attention, you have a talent for dancing, acting, cooking or art. What you hate the most is changing plans.

GEMINI: You are good at socializing with other people, you have a curious nature and you are easily amazed. It is very difficult for you to commit yourself. Using hand gestures when speaking is one of your main characteristics.

CANCER: At first glance, you can see the love that comes from you, you are a very affectionate and empathetic person, thanks to this you have made many friends. Despite your empathy, it costs you a lot to relate to new people, you are very cautious; but once you know well the people you give them all your love.

LEO: Your sign is a reflection of you, even if your sign is the opposite, you are still a lion. You have a light and vitality from birth that impresses everyone without losing your humility and kindness.

VIRGO: If Virgo is your ascendant, you are a born controller, you are always seeing everything and you want everything to be in its place. You hate hypocrisy more than anything, and are known for your humility.

LIBRA: You have a charming personality, you love to see everyone well, you always justify the actions of others, which can make you idolize them and then they can disappoint you.

SCORPIO: You are a cold, serious and calculating person. You like to see yourself as a tough and difficult person to deal with, even under that thick cloak there is a loving person.

SAGITTARIUS: Luck is the best word that describes you, because practically everything comes out. You are always happy and inspire joy in other people. You quickly gain people's affection thanks to your outgoing personality. You have no problem getting rid of anything that could harm you.

CAPICORN: Those who belong to the ascendant of Capricorn are very serious, healthy, and responsible people. This can occasionally make those around you feel a bit uncomfortable. Music is something that comes naturally to them.

AQUARIUS: If you are a hobbyist, you will love going against the current. You love everything that is original and extravagant; you always create controversies to be different from the conventional. This has created in you a different vision of the world, in which you want society to be stronger and more humanized. Never stop being who you are.

PISCES: You adapt easily to any eventuality you have to face, from being the best door man in the room or office to being the soul of the craziest party. If your sign is this, you can be a very loving person to those who earn it and the worst enemy of anyone who messes with you or yours.


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