Keep things fruity at Greta’s Jam Kitchen!

Gretas Jam Kitchen Room Smeet

It wouldn’t be breakfast in Smeet City without a jar of Greta’s Jam on the table! Greta is a Smeet City icon – she started making jam in her spare time in her kitchen and eventually turned it into a super-sweet business empire that is still going strong today, even 20 years after her death! Her recipes are renowned for giving a sweet sensation like no other, apparently in stark contrast to the lady herself, who is said to have been grouchy with customers, rude to line managers and generally ‘a bit difficult to work with’, to put it mildly.

Having just acquired some shifts helping out in the jam kitchen, it’s probably a good thing that Lady Greta is no longer with us, because with her reputation and your professional track record you probably wouldn’t last 5 minutes at the company. No, these days the workers at Greta’s Jam are an amiable bunch, but that can change quickly if you don’t knuckle down and work hard!

Producing the finest jams around doesn’t just happen easily. You need to collect sugar, gelatin and baskets full of fruit. Get it all cooking on the stove before packing them into the different jars. There are rumors that the company is preparing to release another batch of old Greta’s legendary secret recipe too, although you might need to go looking in the room shop for that!

At the end of it all, if you fulfil all your duties in the jam kitchen, you can be sure of some nice rewards – Fame Points plus a rather sticky Jam Badge!


Best of luck, Smeeters!