Bake a huge Gingerbread House with your friends!

Smeet Room Gingerbread House Chat Game

December is here and the Christmas season is just kicking off (even if you did see Christmassy stuff in the shops as early as October). This is a great time of year to come together with your friends and embrace the merriest of all seasons, so why not help each other create something special to eat?

Normally baking gingerbread people or animals is the popular thing to do, but this year you want to stand out from the crowd, hitting the absolute pinnacle of Christmas baking. It can only mean one thing – a Gingerbread House for the ages!

First up, it’s time to gather your ingredients. Honey, milk, flour and candy are all available to you, so bring it to the Kitchen Counter! At this point you will need some Helps from your friends to progress – baking on your own is no fun!

The result of all that hard work will be the elements required to build your gingerbread architectural masterpiece! Foundations for the house made out of gingerbread and then Structural Beams made of Chocolate for the skeleton of the building are a good start. You can then fill the walls in with some sweet Gummy Bear Insulation and make sure the vibes of the building are positive with some Sugar Feng Shui! All in all it should make for an awesome-looking and tasty result. In fact, it looks so cool that it seems a shame to eat it!


Have fun and happy baking, Smeeters!