Produce colorful eggs on the Easter Egg Farm!

Smeet Room Easter Egg Farm Chat Game

Easter is here. The Easter Egg Farm needs help. You’re available. You’re semi-competent. You’ll do…

You’re hired.

The Easter Egg Production line is quite a complicated one, but it will be worth it in the end to produce a glorious array of colorful eggs! Start off by gathering Blueberries from the Blueberry Bushes, Beetroot from the Beetroot Patches and Dandelions from the Dandelion Patches. These are the foundation of the Easter egg magic, but the real key comes at the next step! You see, once you feed the ingredients to the Red, Blue and Yellow Chickens, they won’t only lay eggs of stunningly vibrant color, but mysterious Easter Joy will also fill the farm!

There are also Easter Basket Piles on hand, perfect for presenting the eggs nicely ready to be given away! The helper hired to arrange the eggs in the baskets is a little…unorthodox, to say the least - it’s a Fox. Perhaps not a wise choice from the Farmer placing a Fox and Chickens close together on the production line, but rumor has it that the fox is vegan so it’s all chill people, it’s all chill.

The final step is easy – simply hand the Easter Baskets over to the Easter Bunnies who are ready to spread that sweet, sweet Easter Joy all around our fair Community of Smeeters!

So get to work on the Easter Egg Farm, and a happy Easter to all Smeeters!