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Hello there!  I’m Đåєŋєяyş¯  your  Sport  Reporter EN/US  and  today i  want to talk about a Georgian man that to this date has set a new world record!

I’m talking about Lasha Talakhadze, born on October 2, 1993 (age 25) in Sachkhere, Georgia. But why would I want to talk about him? 

For those of you who haven't heard, at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro he entered and won the Olympic gold medal in the category  +105  kg.. but not only that..  he  beat the Olympic record of  "473 kg" - the Caucasian weightlifter has given  rise a snatch of "215 kg" and clean & jerk of "258 kg" taking advantage from the disappointing performance of  Behdad Salimikordasiabi, who was able to get a snatch of  "216  kg" and later. In the clean & jerk he made a catastrophic mistake for 3 times to "245 kg".

Lasha, who has so exceeded his position the Armenian Gor Minasyan that marked “451 kg" (snatch: "210 kg" // "241 kg" in the  clean  & jerk).

(At the 2017 World Weightlifting Championships he broke his record with “220 kg" snatch  and with "257 kg" in the clean & jerk, set a new world record for the total: "477 kg")

One year later, in the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships (+109) in Aşgabat, Turkmenistan, Lasha Talakhadze opened the competition, set 7 world records winning gold by 24 kg.  In the snatch he lifted "217 kg" and in the clean  &  jerk  "257  kg" amounting to "474  kg".

What Can I say about him? He is a Warrior!


I send you kisses and hope you will join me to my  next article! If you want the results or you'd like that I speak for something you'd like.. write me! My id: 2441913. Byeee ;)

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