Organize and promote the Asia exhibition at the Mamoru Museum!

Smeet Room Coradim Museum Chat Game

Big news from the Smeet City Cultural District! A brand new museum, the Mamoru has just opened its doors! Hoping to put on vibrant and groundbreaking exhibitions covering a variety of themes and using artifacts from around the world, it’s sure to add yet another string to Smeet City’s cultural bow!

Of course, any museum opening needs an awesome exhibition to kick things off. Luckily Director Donka, the Mamoru’s energetic and tireless new Head Curator, has managed to secure the lease of some beautiful collections from across Asia! It’s a wonderful start for the museum - well done Donka!

She can’t do it all herself though. First up, the museum needs visitors. The Promo Signs should help here, and make sure you sign in everyone that turns up using the Museum Register – these are priceless artifacts on show we are talking about here, we can’t take any chances! Luckily there is also a team of eagle-eyed Museum Guards, on the lookout for any pesky school kids touching the exhibits or perhaps even more serious exhibit-related offences!

Your visitors will all tend to have a specific interest that they have come to explore further at the Mamoru. Whether it’s Japan, China, India or Mongolia, there is something to cater for basically everyone – just make sure you point them in the right direction! If you do they will be sure to be generous with their Donations, a particularly useful development right now as Director Donka has just ordered the expensive renovation of a beautiful Ming dynasty Chinese Junk Ship!

It’s a cultural carnival this week, Smeeters, get to it!