Wow a global audience with the Big Game Half Time Show!

Smeet Room Big Game Half Time Show Chat Game

Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth!

And no, we aren’t talking about your Uncle Harry attempting to get on his bicycle after a bit too much red wine. We are of course referring to this year’s Smeet Big Game!

It’s the Smeet City Stars vs the Dimesville Wolves, a Smeet City rivalry that has enthralled the football-mad public so many times in the past. It’s sure to be a fantastic occasion, but the actual on-field action is only half the story.

For as we all know, the Big Game Half Time Show has provided us with many memorable performances from a variety of legendary acts. This year will hopefully be no different!

Your job is to bring this whole thing together. Organize Food and Beer for all the excited fans, arrange the Mascots to lead the cheering, and of course make sure there are some Cheerleaders in place to provide the true American Football experience.

Then you need to arrange the all-important Half Time Show. Collect as many Show Points as possible to make sure this year’s performance is bigger and better than ever before.

The eyes of the world are upon you, Smeeters, so don’t let us down!