Decorate the Pagoda for Carnival - with an Asian twist!

Smeet Room Asian Carnival Chat Game

It’s Carnival time! That’s right, the biggest party season of the year is here and, as always, we are eager participants!

The trouble with Carnival, however, is that sometimes it can be a bit ‘samey’. The costumes, the music, the food – it’s all great, but does it have to be the same EVERY year? Wouldn’t it be cool to celebrate this time of year in a different way for once?

Yes. Yes it would. So welcome to Asian Carnival 2019! This Far East-inspired setting was lovingly set up by the Smeet Construction Crew (aka the Smeet Gameroom designers) and it looks amazing. Whisper it quietly, though (especially if the room designers are within earshot, they’re a tetchy bunch), we still think you could make some great improvements to get this place ready for Carnival!

Gather Sticks and Colored Paper at the Workbench and add some Chinese Decoration Pieces. There are the different pieces of the Paper Dragon, Paper Umbrellas and a Traditional Lantern. Once they’re ready there is only one missing ingredient – Asian Carnival Spirit!

All these things combined are perfect to make the Pagoda the shining beacon of this Carnival season, so get to work Smeeters and ensure the party gets going in time!