Become a soda tycoon with a Lemonade Stand on Lime Street!

Smeet Room A Lemonade Stand on Lime Street Chat Game

Lime Street is the perfect place to go soapbox racing. Soapbox racing has always been a passion of yours and the street has all the features of your favorite kind of track. So what’s stopping you going down there right now and racing the night away?

The answer? Cold. Hard. Cash. You are in a bit of a tight spot at the moment and your last Soapbox Car sadly fell apart. No Soapbox Car, no Soapbox racing. Luckily, the entrepreneur in you is about to show themselves…

Start off with your Lemonade Stand – a simple Lemon Delivery combined with Granny’s secret recipe should be enough to make the thing a success! Further down the line, as the Hard-Earned Money starts to roll in, expand your business empire to include a Newspaper Stand and then a Cookie Stand. You will truly be the Wolf of Lime Street!

Once you have the cash, invest it in what really matters – your Soapbox Car! Once you have enough money (and have also collected the relevant Blueprints), you’ll be whizzing up and down Lime Street in no time!

Outpace your business rivals and triumph in the Soapbox Derby, Smeeters!