Star Sign Surprise!


Here in Berlin, the Smeet Executive Room Creation Committee (uh, yeah, what do you mean? Of course that's a real thing!) are having the week off for the holiday season, so the Smeet Emergency Executive Generator Committee (oh, you don't know them? Weird...) have stepped in to fill the void! They've produced some special items for this week that can be used in any room inside your 3D Home that you wish!

Firstly, you need to grab the Cosmic Sphere from the Shop. It produces Cosmic Power that can be used to activate the Sun - that's pretty handy at this dark and gloomy time of year! The Sun in turn produces 'Luminosity', a special attribute which can be put towards the different Signs of the Zodiac!

It's a great way to reflect on the twelve months of 2018, as well as look forward to the upcoming months of 2019. What's more, the Signs all give UNLIMITED FAME POINTS until Sunday 6th January 2019, so it's a great way to kick off the new year with a bang

We wish you a fantastic new year, and good luck with your Star Signs!

The Smeet Team