Welcome to the Wild West World

Wild West World

Howdy stranger! Are you interested in having a great time and a lot of fun? Then you are at the right place! Welcome to the wonderful Wild West World!

Who I am?

Well, I´m Decan McPhee and I owned this place but now it´s time to pass it on to someone younger than me. I always enjoyed the old western movies. Especially the games and competitions they had. 

Come and join me for a small tour. But first we have to get rid of your urban outfit…you want to feel like a real Cowgirl/Cowboy, you have to get dressed properly. Go to the fitting room and get dressed I will wait here.

Ahhh awesome! You look perfect!

Are you the adventurous type? The Rodeo is ideal for every adventurous Cowboy. Or do you think gambling is more fun? I guess then you will like the horseshoes pitching and If you think dancing was fun in the old times, we surely can teach you how to dance properly in the wild west.

What? You are thirsty after all this adventures. No problem, like every western city we have a great saloon where awesome food and cool drinks are served. So now you know what is waiting for you, i´m sure you will handle it perfectly! Have fun mate and enjoy the ride.

Oooooh…. I almost forgot, you remember Billy the Kid right? We never saw him here, but every now and then outlaws come along looking for trouble. Just make sure you catch them and put them in jail. ;)

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