Smeet Talk



Dear Smeeters, we've decided to record our first podcast episode! Admin Alissa interviewed Donka, the admin of the Polish domain who is leaving Smeet at the end of the month :(

Here you can read the interview too!:

Alissa. How are you Donka?
Donka: i´m very good thank you!

Alissa. How long have you been working for Smeet?

Donka: I’ve been working for Smeet for over 5 years. It has been a great time and I’m really sad to leave you but also excited for the future.

Alissa: Would you mind telling our users why you are leaving Smeet?

Donka: I love Smeet and I really liked working here as an admin but I’ve found a full time job in the town where I live now. I moved away from Berlin some time ago. I m going to work in QA and i'm going to do translations.

Alissa: Why did you choose “Donka” as a nickname and did you ever change it?

Donka: In 2012 I had the nickname Donkiszoteria, what means errantry and comes from the name of Don Quixote (Polish Don Kichot). In 2014 I decided to cut it down to Donka, because it was easier to pronounce for everyone.

Alissa: What was your favorite Smeet task?

Donka: My task as an admin? I loved planning the Avatar Contest. It was great fun to choose the subjects and pictures for it, to use old themes or create new ones - I like fashion!

Alissa: Now they know that you have been responsible for all the Avatar Contests over the past few years :) So, can you name one thing you´ve learned while you were working for Smeet?

Donka: I’ve learned a lot of things here but one of the most important is customer support and how it works in an IT company.

Alissa: If you would have been a normal user in Smeet, what role would you have chosen and why?

Donka: It is very difficult to pick only one role, because all of them are great. However, I think I would have chosen to be a Gossip Queen, because I like fashion and find Smeet clothes really interesting. But I like making music events too, so maybe also an Entertainer or DJ. In Poland we use the Chef Badge for Taste Creators and I like cooking as well.

There is going to a party with Donka on the 28th of August at 9pm, if you want to have one last party with Donka!

If you'd like to hear more short interviews or listen to more episodes, please let us know what topic you would like to hear about or what interview partners you would like to listen too.
A big and special thank you goes to DJ.Kevin from the French domain (and DJ on the German domain) for the jingle we used in our first episode!