Spread good vibes around the Jamaican Town of Irie!

Jamaican Town of Irie

Last week on the Sand Art Beach was a pretty awesome start to your summer holiday. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ve had enough of the sun, sea and sand…and that’s just as well, as your cool Uncle Harry got drunk on Tuesday night (as you do) and booked you a ticket to Jamaica! That’s pretty sweet, thanks Harry! We’ll see you when we get back, assuming Aunt Daphne has allowed you to live that long…

Anyway, you’ve wound up in the rather beautiful fishing village of Irie. It’s quintessential Jamaica. You’ve got to know a few of the locals, had a swim and a quick game of cricket on the beach and, now that the sun is setting, the entertainment is only set to get better! You find a mysterious aura fills the air, locally known as ‘Jamaica Spirit’ – the local fisherman even claim it provides them with fortune with their daily catch. On the other hand, an old Rastaman you meet claims it makes his dreadlocks more ‘vibrant’ (yeah we dunno what he means either, but just go with it), and a promising athlete you meet in the local bar reckons it makes him run faster. Resisting the urge to point out that sinking rum in a bar is probably the main thing slowing him down, you start to believe this local ‘Jamaica Spirit’ legend.

Everything you need to party into the night is right here in the village. Tasty Duckanoo desserts, plentiful amounts of rum and, perhaps most importantly, a reggae band for the ages. Just ensure the good vibes keep reaching the Rasta Shrine and the Jamaican Spirit is sure to power the villagers onto bigger and better things!

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s Smeeting time!