Help the spirits purify the Agate Village!

Agate Village

Out in the wild somewhere, there lies a quaint little village. This little village of crystals, beautiful flowers, magic wells, and more made for a radiant life filled with purity and joy. Spirits and critters get along harmoniously, breathing in the fresh air and living in peace.

That is, however, until the little village was hit by something strange, something malevolent. While no one was harmed, there’s a weird feeling in the air, and the spirits just know something is up! The spirits act like keepers of the peace, watching over the balance in the forests and fields nearby, and normally it’s their task to keep sickness or bad energy away,

 But, however, the spirits are weakened, and can’t quite start the purification process by themselves – naturally, that’s where you come in! The village must simply be tidied up and cleansed of this evil so that the balance can return. Use the natural flora and wells to collect special kinds of purified water and morning dew, collect little crystals from the gorgeous natural citrine formations and give the spirits a hand, eventually restoring their home and driving away the evil!

The Agate Village depends on you, Smeeters!