Halloween evening with prizes for the most beautiful costumes.


Event with DJs: Geppetto, Mary, Emin, Alanzo and David.

It was an event to take your breath away, only excellent DJs, the best in my opinion, DJs who are from the international, the English-speaking domain and the French-speaking domain. In all, 50 users with absolutely beautiful costumes, people had a lot of taste to dress their avatar, they were all as beautiful as each other, it was not easy for the jury to find only 3 winners . First winner on the French-speaking side, drum rolls: Amandine, still on the French-speaking side, the second prize: Retbull, and the third prize: Ekira.

Congratulations again to our winners, the costumes were splendid.

Obviously with our DJS, the evening was a success, excellent music played all evening, people had fun and happy to meet together from all over the world, when you think about it. is fabulous! Thank you again with all my heart for this wonderful evening.

Cookie free journalist . the 30 October 2021