Romantic test


Here is a little game to play as a couple! You will be able to test your knowledge about your partner.

How do we play?

Print out this list of questions in duplicate. Each of you should have a form. Then answer the questions separately and once your questionnaire has been completed, you can move on to the points count. Each correct answer gives you 1 point. Whoever has the most points is the "winner".

Of course, this little test is supposed to be a fun little moment to spend as a couple, a way to discuss, and learn a little more about each other... not a source of bickering!

Have fun! 

On qualities and faults

  1. What is the quality he / she appreciates most about you?
  2. What is the quality he / she hates the most about you?
  3. What is the favorite part of the body about you?
  4. What is their greatest fear / phobia?
  5. What is his main obsession?

On tastes

  1. What is her favorite color?
  2. What is her favorite movie?
  3. What is her favorite series?
  4. What's her favorite song?
  5. What is his favorite personality (actor, singer, ...)?
  6. What is your favorite sport?
  7. What is her favorite dish?
  8. What is her favorite type of restaurant?
  9. What is her favorite vacation spot?
  10. What is her favorite country?

On life

  1. In what city was he / she born?
  2. At what time was he / she born?
  3. What was his nickname when he was little?
  4. What is his biggest dream?
  5. What was the name of her favorite soft toy / doll?

On your love life

  1. What is the date of our first meeting?
  2. What did you do on our first date?
  3. What is the date of our first kiss?
  4. Which part of mine body does he / she prefer?

Do not hesitate to add more personal questions that correspond to the history of you as a couple!

Your Matchmaker, Zeiyna.