Some beautiful love letters for Christmas to send..


To your wife

When the magic of the end of the year celebrations softens hearts and homes

My darling, my feelings for you are at the party and cover me with happiness.

When the nights get shorter and starry, you light up my every thought

With these few romantic words for Christmas, I want to write to you that I love you with intensity.

You are the most beautiful of women. A woman that every man would like to love

Thank you, my baby, for being in my life. You and I are the most beautiful of destinies

Merry Christmas, my darling, and Happy New Year, my baby ...

I love you more than ever…

Merry Christmas full of love my baby!


To your husband


To a great boy, so sweet and virile who fulfills all my desires.

In this sweet festive season, I want to write to you with poetic words, my happiness.

My happiness to have you in my life, happiness to love you and to be loved by your heart

My darling, my fate can only be written with the sweetness of your eyes ;

I am in love with you! I need you! Without you, my soul regards.

With this romantic little poem I present my best wishes to you, my darling,

For my part, I have only one hope: to build my family with you.

Merry Christmas ! I love you, my darling, my man, my prince, my Apollo

Never forget that my heart beats only for you my cute little one!

Merry Christmas, my Love !


To your secret love


I love you in secret.

It's Christmas and the magic of this beautiful romantic holiday gives me courage to confess my loving feelings to you.

Are you surprised that I write you love notes on Christmas?

Still, you must have suspected that I was about to tell you, to tell you that I love you.

This romantic message takes my mind. With him, I dared to tell you how much I am in love with you.

Yes I love you! My shyness and my fear that these romantic feelings will not be shared have been a drag until today.

Saying I love you on Christmas and writing it to you as a love wish is much easier.

That’s all I wanted to tell you, but to me this letter says most of how I feel about you.

Hearing you say "I love you, too, my love" would be the most wonderful Christmas gift.

Merry Christmas my secret love, who is no longer after reading this romantic letter.

Respectful kisses.

A man in love with a wonderful woman !


With love, your MatchMaker, Zeiyna.