You're off to see the Wizard!

Oz 2020

It was a day like any other in Kansas. Nothing seemed to predict the terror that nature would unleash upon it.

The damp air held a mysterious stillness. But, if one listened closely, the warning signs could be heard.

Something was coming

The skies whispered softly of the danger that it was about to unfold as the ashen clouds gathered, lightning sparking within, growling with thunderous rage.

The winds began to howl, everything in its path feeling their fury, the tornado spinning down upon your home and swallowing it up inside its spiralling form, lifting you away from everything you hold dear.

Higher and higher you spin. Until you stop.

You have landed in Oz. Here, you and your faithful dog, Toto, realising you are no longer in Kansas, meet your allies in the form of a man made of metal looking for a heart, a man made of straw desperate for a brain, and a lion who only wishes he could be brave.

They will join you as you journey along the Yellow Brick Road, aiding you in the fight against your enemies.

Your mission is to reach the Emerald City, in the hope that the mysterious Wizard will help you return home.

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