Halloween Podcast Story nº3

Halloween Podcast 2020

I will tell you a true story ...

The event happened to a young man who lives alone. This man is rich and has a good career as a developer in a large software company. His everyday life is ordinary. Every morning he gets up early, makes his coffee, prepares food for his pet and goes to work.

By the way, his pet is not a dog, cat or any tiny animal in a cage… No .. It is an extraordinary pet! He raised it from an early age and it moves around freely around the apartment.

Do you now want to know which animal it is? I already get goose bumps while telling the story ..

It's a python!

Pythons are a family of snakes from the superfamily of the Pythonoidea. Because of their physical characteristics, they are called "giant snakes". They have the ability to kill and eat large animal species such as deers without any further effort.

So, enough told about the extraordinary pet. Let's get back to the young man who comes home after work. He opens the front door and enters his apartment. It is very calm. All you can hear is the hiss sound of the snake crawling along the ceiling in the living room.

The young man makes himself something to eat, sits down in front of the TV and watches his sports programs like every evening. When it gets late he gets up and goes into the kitchen, takes the raw rabbit meat out of the refrigerator and puts it on the floor for his pet and goes to bed ...

The next morning, like every day, his alarm clock rings punctually at half past five. He slowly opens his eyes and for a brief moment he looks at the ceiling with empty eyes. Something is different this morning. He gets nervous. He feels something alive around him. Moving slowly, he turns his head to the right and sees the python's yellow eye. The big snake's gaze rests on him. He carefully turns his gaze along the snake's body. Straight as a pin. He has never seen this behaviour. The snake never came to his bed before. Carefully he gets up and tries to calm down. This time without having breakfast he goes to work. In the evening he comes home again, prepares his meal, watches TV, leaves the food for the python and goes to sleep.

The next day, the alarm clock rings and he gets up quickly without hesitation. He looks briefly into his bed and sees the snake lying in his bed on the right side again, straight as a pin. Slowly he believes something is wrong with the snake. That is why he gets home from work a little earlier that day. He made an appointment with the veterinarian. He can't explain why the snake behaves like that.

When the session with the veterinarian begins, he explains the strange behaviour of the big snake. The doctor sighs and says that the behaviuor is very normal. He looks at her with amazement. "Yes”, she says: “The snake lies straight upright in bed every morning and measures its height every day so that it checks whether you will fit into its stomach."

He goes home with the animal with a strange feeling in his stomach. He has decided to lock the snake in a room. At least that gave him a feeling of security.

Like every other day he gets his food for the animal, but this time he opens the room door and puts his meal on the floor and closes the door behind him and leaves the apartment.

Three months pass by and one evening after his return from work he wants to take a look into the room where the snake has been locked.

He carefully opens the door. No noise to be heard. He couldn't find the python. Slowly he turns around and notices something behind him stretching up into the ceiling. He looks up with big eyes. Sweatdrops run down his forehead. His whole body has become rigid. The python that he imprisoned three months ago has grown to be more than 3 meters long. It opens her mouth wide over his body and swallows him entirely with one quick movement.

The man screamed but couldn't free himself. After a few minutes there was no more sound to be heard from the young man ... The End

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