A Creepy Cavalcade of Masks


Oscar Wilde wrote that a mask tells us more than a face.

People wear masks for many reasons: to play a game, to be something they are not, to hide who or what they are. or to be who they really are. Do you wear a mask or does the mask wear you?

Yesterday, you stumbled across a mysterious man with a very scary-looking mask. With one finger, he beckoned you to follow him until you came to an old mask workshop. You asked the blind mask maker how he was able to make these masks and that you would love to know how to make them yourself.

"Crafting masks? It´s a curse," he said, "And you should be careful what you wish for." With this unnerving warning, he showed you the tools of his trade and the strange materials he used to make them. "Go ahead," he said, "Craft some masks. See how you like it," with a strange, unsettling look on his face.

Take the macabre materials to the mask masker to learn his mysterious methods so that you, too, can begin to make your own monstrous masks.