Law and Order: Special Smeet Unit

Law and Order

Dun-Dun! A crime has been committed in the heart of Smeet and tempers are flaring in the courtroom as the prosecution and defence are at each other's throats, and the judge can only bang his gavel and shout “Order!” so many times. The jury is at a loss as to who is in the right. Will the correct decision be made?

You need to make sure that both the prosecution and the defence attorneys have all the evidence they need, and that the witnesses take the stand to give their testimonies to help them make their closing speech for guilty or not guilty. The stenographer needs to be working hard to take down all the important details to get the transcript to the judge.

Then from the judge’s recommendation, the jury needs to battle it out to reach a verdict that will be passed on the accused.

Innocent or guilty? Only you can make sure that justice is served.

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