Scrub those flashy motors clean at the Smeet Car Wash!


There comes a time when we all find ourselves in need of a little spare cash. There are lots of different ways you can make up a shortfall – selling lemonade from your front yard, getting yourself a paper round, selling government secrets to a foreign power – they all work. This spring, however, you’ve decided on the Smeet Car Wash. Providing a scrubbing service for the motorists of Smeet City is a surefire way to get the cash rolling in!

To get started, mix Soap and Water in the Bucket. No secret ingredients here, that’s pretty much all you need to get those cars glistening again! Hand the Cloths and the Wax to the Washing Staff you’ve hired who can expertly finish the job. There are ten dirty Cars in need of some attention, so no slacking here please!

If you’re feeling fancy, you might even want to give the interior a quick spray with the Tree-Shaped Air Freshener. But as I said, only if you’re feeling fancy!

Scrub until spotless, Smeeters!