Halloween Podcast No. 2 - Spanish Scare!

Smeet Halloween Podcast

We asked users from each domain to tell a scary story or poem! Next up is ES/LAT, with one of our Mexican Smeeters, ◦•φ Juddψ ψ ∆иđяυ φ•◦, ready to chill you to your core!


It was one of the best dreams that I had ever had, but what sounded like the blows of a hammer woke me up. As the blows sounded, the noise transformed my dream into a nightmare. The blows were replaced by more imprecise noises. I couldn't see anything, I barely had room to move - I shouted - but they didn't listen to me. Soon there was no more noise - there was just emptiness, with only the beats of my heart remaining, counting the seconds of life I have left inside this coffin...