Brand-new features are live!

New features

Dear Smeeters,
The last update is loaded with awesome new features.

What new for the groups:
We added the feature you all were waiting for – the group chat! You can find it in the action box in the tab “Group Chat”. This chat makes it super easy to talk to your team members and see what s going on in your group.
To make joining a group easier you now can apply for a group. The application is visible in the group chat and can be accepted or declined. The application option is only visible if the group has less than 8 group members. An application is valid for 4 days.

You are missing a specific Booster for your challenge? No problem! You can now trade furniture and Boosters AND get Coins from your group members!
You can also request items for yourself! The requests you sent are shown in the group chat.
To request a Booster or furniture, you need to pay Group Coins. You will get the group coins back if none of your team members accept the request.
In order to accept a trade, you must have the item in your Inventory. Once you sent the item to your team member, it will be removed from your Inventory! In return you receive great rewards.

Every Saturday, you can request Coins from your group. Each group member can send you Coins. The request is valid for 24h after that you can´t answer the request anymore. Don’t worry when you accept a request you DON`T need to spend you own Coins. This is free!

Groups that are in the silver league can send 1 Coin per team member.
Groups that are in the gold league can send 2 Coins per team member.
Groups that are in the platinum league and above can send 3 Coins per team member.

Keep in mind, to use these new group features you need to have at least one team member in your group.

Our new Snapshot Feature to showcase your styles:
With this cool feature, you can take amazing pictures with your avatar and present your awesome styles or send cute personal messages to your sMeet friends. <- wie?
You can add up to two friends to the picture. With your own backgrounds and stickers you can create an even cooler look.
You can share the picture you took directly in your sMeet profile, or download it and add it to your Facebook, twitter or Instagram account.
In the sMeet mobile version you also have the option now to take snapshots from your rooms and share them on social media.

Do you like our new features or have more suggestions please write an email to our support:

Happy Smeeting,
Your sMeet Team