Join in with Ice Fishing Tradition at the Whispering Water!

Smeet Room Whispering Water Chat Game

The winter is a special time. It offers something that the other seasons can’t, particularly in terms of natural environments. The region in which Smeet City sits is no exception, of course, and some aspects of the beautiful landscape have become part of Smeeting tradition.

The Whispering Water is an ancient lake that sits splendidly at the foot of a large mountain. For much of the year it is a fantastically tranquil spot, with only the occasional hiker disturbing the peace and quiet. For the winter months, however, it’s a different story…

For winter is the time when the Whispering Water Fish are out and about! The rest of the year they are presumably just chilling at the bottom of the lake – who knows? But in winter they are active, and this makes them possible to catch. An annual gathering of fishermen takes place every January, celebrating the lake (and of course regulating how many fish can be caught).

This year, you’ve joined in! Simply gather your Bait from the Bait Boxes and hang it under the various Ice Holes available. It shouldn’t be long before your first catch of the new year comes along.

Once you have caught a fish, you have a choice as to what you can do with it. Either give it to the various Traders hanging around the lake, looking to make a buck or two. Alternatively, you can feed some of the local animals – Seals, Penguins, Walruses and Polar Bears are all hoping for a fresh bite to eat!

Whatever you do, enjoy Smeeters!