Help build the super sweet teddy on Valentine’s Island!

Smeet Room Valentines Island Chat Game

It’s the land of all things sweet…welcome to Valentine’s Island!

Every day is full of love here, but obviously Valentine’s Day itself holds a special place in the sugary hearts of the Valentine’s Island Cuties (the weird little monster things that live here). Every year they gather in honor of this most special day of romance, and build a big candy Teddy Bear to mark the occasion!

Feeling sick yet? Us too.

Anyway, you’ve decided this is definitely the most unique time of year to visit the island, although when you arrive it isn’t quite the holiday you were expecting. The Cuties are all up in your grill, demanding you help them build their big, special bear!

There are two main ingredients that go into the creation of the big ted. Are you ready, Smeeters?

Firstly – CHOCOLATE!!! Grab Hot Chocolate from the Vats and pour it into the Chocolate Heart Forms this will give the bear a beautiful Chocolate Heart!

Secondly – CARAMEL!!! Take Caramel Chunks from the Well and pass them onto the Cuties, who will produce Caramel Stars to give the big bear a lovely sweet aura!

Finally, some Rose Petals from the holy Rosebush make the whole thing even prettier.


It’s the biggest day of the year for Valentine’s Island, Smeeters, so don’t mess up!