Discover new plants on a trip into the Neverending Jungle!

Smeet Room Neverending Jungle Chat Game

You loved your trip to Valentine’s Island a few weeks ago, but you’ve still got the urge to go on more adventures. Luckily you’ve met a crazy bunch of botanists who have a research trip lined up, and they want you to come along. It’s time to journey deep into the Neverending Jungle!

The jungle is something of a wilderness, untouched by humans. Its trees are so thick that there are undoubtedly many species living there that have not yet been discovered. One of your personal goals for 2020 is to win a Smeet City Science Award, so this opportunity has come along at a convenient time, to be honest.

Your botany bible is the all-important Jungle Guide, an essential for any budding explorer who is interested in plants! The Jungle Guide gives you Botanists, who need to be given Research Supply Boxes so they can find their specialty – certain Botanists only like working with certain Plants!

The hard work of you and your team is sure to produce a number of New Discoveries, just the thing you need to convince the Science Awards Panel that you are deserving of the top prize! If you want to increase your chances, you might also want to work with Camilo, a young Entomologist you’ve hired for the trip too! He is an expert in identifying new species of Butterflies…

Our natural world is full of wonders, Smeeters, time for you to uncover them!