Create Hot Air Balloons in the Green Valley!

The Green Valley

The Green Valley is a lush area of protected countryside just outside Smeet City, a popular hiking and biking area that is always busy at weekends with active city-dwellers looking to escape the urban metropolis.

In a rare moment of ‘get-up-and-go’ spirit, you decided to go hiking this weekend yourself (someone call the doctor, there must be something wrong! ). You head out ready for some fresh country air…

As always, drama seems to follow you everywhere. You discover a crashed hot-air balloon. The pilot is fine but sadly tells you that his balloon is not repairable anymore. Boo-hoo. You tell him to get a grip and point out that all is not lost - some parts of it can be used to create other functioning balloons.

Salvage the still-functioning pieces from the downed balloon, such as the Panels of Fabric. You can also use Hot Air from the Burners to power your new creations.

Cheer up the pilot and let the hot-air balloons fly, Smeeters!