Relax your way into the new year at the Sunrise Bath & Spa!

Smeet Room Sunrise Bath and Spa Chat Game

Getting out of the busy city life from time to time is an absolute essential. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to leave town whenever you feel like you need a break, so it’s time to pay a visit to the Sunrise Bath & Spa!

Newly opened in the trendy Smeet City neighborhood of Dimesville, Sunrise provides all the chilled out ingredients you need for a stress-free time. Of course, with many people looking to relax after the busy festive period it is going to be particularly busy, so the owners could do with a little bit of help! Time to get down there and see if you can assist.

Lay out Cucumber, Curds and Warm Towels for the customers to ensure their experience remains relaxed throughout. In return they will provide you with Beauty Rating points. When you collect enough of them you will start to qualify for prestigious Beauty Awards, which in turn lead to either Bad, Good, or Superb Recommendations! Remember, some people are never happy…

Bring in 2020 in style, Smeeters!