SmeetoVision 2020: EN/INT Preliminary Event!

Smeet Event Smeetovision 2020 EN INT Preliminary

Come and share your singing talent in the Catwalk on Wednesday, May 6th at 10pm Berlin time (9:00pm London time, 4:00pm New York time)

It's the EN/INT qualifying event! The winner will represent our Server for the Smeetovision Grand Final (to be held on Friday 15th May!).

If you like to sing, this event is for you! Prepare your microphone and your Skype! To register, contact Liba (ID: 13431374) in Smeet!

- The winner of the qualifying event wins:
750 Coins, 10,000 Fame Points, 15 VIP days, 8000 Dimes, the Music Freak badge, and QUALIFIES FOR THE GRAND FINAL on Friday 15th May!

- Second place wins 500 Coins, 8000 Fame Points, 10 VIP days and 5000 Dimes.
- Third place wins 250 Coins, 6000 Fame points, 5 VIP days and 3000 Dimes.

We can't wait to see you there!