Take care of the customers on the luxury Smeet Cruise!

Smeet Room Cruise Chat Game

The Smeet City Cruise Company has long been renowned for offering top-class trips from their hub at the Smeet City Bay Marina. Whether it’s the Caribbean, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean or somewhere else that you fancy visiting, the chances are one of their illustrious cruise liners can take you there!

Due to the fact you can’t keep a job for longer than 6 days, you’re broke, and so obviously cannot afford any such trip. Luckily however, the company is hiring, giving you a great opportunity to earn good money and explore the world at the same time! You initially signed up to work as a clown in the kids’ playpen, finally putting to good use those 3 years you spent at clown school. Unfortunately at the last minute the company has revealed you are needed elsewhere, so you are now the Deck Manager of SCCC’s cruise liner the MS Tuonela!

Once you’ve welcomed the Hungry Customers on board, take them straight to the Canapé Table for some scrummy food. Then you need to cater for all their different demands – some will fancy some musical entertainment, some will be in desperate need of a massage, and some might fancy a drink! Water Boys will be on hand to keep things wet ‘n’ wild too!

If you succeed in keeping everyone happy you’ll be able to start feeding off everyone’s Holiday Joy to earn badges and Fame Points galore! So get ready for some time on the high seas, Smeeters, It’s gonna be a blast!