Smeet App Updates!


Hi Smeeters! We hope you are all well. We have been working hard on improving the Smeet App for Android, and can now confirm a new update is available to download from the Google Play Store!

The update includes:

  • New Gold VIP Subscriptions - You can now buy VIP Subscriptions via the app in the Google Play Store - for 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months. Become a Smeet Gold VIP now!
  • New photo upload options! - You can now take pictures with your smartphone directly in the Smeet app and save them to your Gallery!
  • Happy Hour improvements - Have you missed out on one of our Happy Hours before? Well, not anymore! From now on, increased rewards you get during Happy Hours will be displayed in the game as you claim them (this change also applies to our web version, by the way!) :)

We hope these changes improve the Smeeting experience for you all and you continue to enjoy being a part of our wonderful 3D world!

Your Smeet Team

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