Blow some minds at the Seventh Heaven Kebab Restaurant!

Smeet Room Seventh Heaven Kebab Restaurant Chat Game

What’s that loooong line of people down Lime Street all about? Something must be going on…

That’s right! The opening of a brand-new gourmet kebab house has got the residents of Smeet City all excited, as the smell of freshly roasted döner meat fills the air. Come on down to the Seventh Heaven Kebab Restaurant!

You’ve left your cash at home, though, so you walk down to the front and find out pretty quickly that luckily they need extra help inside – join the Seventh Heaven team for the day and they’ll give you a sample kebab for free!

Now, to work! The beauty of a kebab is that it can all be assembled super-quickly. Just grab some Freshly Baked Bread, Salad Mix and Tasty Kebab Sauce and take them over to the main man in this process – the Kebab Cook. He will add the juicy kebab meat, resulting in the Delicious Kebabs that Seventh Heaven is becoming increasingly well-known for.

All that remains after that is for you to serve them to all the hungry customers in the queue. Simple.

Time to fill some stomachs, Smeeters!