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What? A 13th zodiac? We were always taught there were twelve. Well, guess what, there really is a 13th zodiac known as Ophiuchus.

However, it does not follow Pieces (the 12th zodiac). Ophiuchus is a constellation that is between Scorpio and Sagittarius and has always been there but the Babylonian’s left it out and kept it an even number of 12 the same amount of months in a year.

Ophiuchus dates range from November 29th to December 17th. The name Ophiuchus means “serpent bear” and is referred to as “Serpentius”. The sign depicted as a man wrangling a writhing snake. This sign has been linked to Nirah, the half-human half serpent god and Apollo. Snakes are used as a symbol for healing like is Hermes’ staff that is a winged rod with two snakes entwined around it in ancient mythology.

Some of the personality traits of Ophiuchus is shared with the archer Sagittarius. Unlike other zodiacs there doesn’t seem to be a distinct planet, modality, or element associated with Ophiuchus. It has been known as a truth seeker, philosopher, healer, and light-bearer. They are very inquisitive and independent thinkers and will challenge and question everything.


There are eight traits that Ophiuchus are really known for:

The first is that the Ophiuchus are very logical type people. They are skeptics and will doubt and question everything. They will listen and come to their own conclusions. Ophiuchus are a naturally curious and could excel at academics. They are not interested in learning theories. They also are very rational and consistent. The pursuit of truth and wisdom is the most important for the Ophiuchus.

Second is the Ophiuchus loves to teach and gives knowledge. Free speech and self-expression the Ophiuchus is known for and like to challenge people to think critically for themselves rather than rely on what they are told. They like to share their knowledge and insight. They also live by ideology.

The third trait about the Ophiuchus is they are humorous and impulsive. They are adventurous, spontaneous, and good at finding humor in all things. Ophiuchus like to put a smile on people’s faces. They are a non-mean spirit and are able to make light of any situation. Ophiuchus people can be on occasion lose their patience and do not like slow moving processes and grow irritated with them.

Fourth trait the Ophiuchus is they are super opinionated. They do not care for rules and are vocal about it. They stand in good favor with those in the authority figure. Ophiuchus speak their minds and have a lot to say about everything. Though they are not really rebellious, the Ophiuchus will however may feel the need to speak out about policies they deem stupid.

Irresponsible and superficial are the fifth trait that the Ophiuchus can often know to be. However, they are very responsible and reliable when it comes to important tasks and matters at hand. When it comes to relationships, the Ophiuchus can frustrate their partners by being frivolous about their feelings and how they are expressed, yet their playful attitude makes them fun and exciting.

The sixth trait is that they tend to have good luck due to their positive attitude. They are a magnet in many ways because their passion and drive make them encourage the universe to reward them generously. Normally they are lucky in romance. They are willing to take risks to get something they want due to their confidential nature. For the Ophiuchus, trust and honesty is very important. Any form of deception and they will lose all sense of trust forever.

In the seventh trait, the Ophiuchus is an ambitious achiever. They are determined and self-confident and will confront challenges rather than walk away. They also are hard workers who puts a lot of energy and effort into their work. Usually Ophiuchus are in good standings with their bosses. With their talent in conveying information and their effective communication, the Ophiuchus seem to get things done.

Lastly, the eighth trait the Ophiuchus seems to possess is the ability to stay calm under pressure. They are mellow and well balanced. This is why others like to seek their advice and guidance because they are excellent leaders. Even though they are good leaders the Ophiuchus, can detach themselves from certain situations and can make them seem uncaring. They do not like feeling tied down to one thing and prefer to keep things moving and have the freedom to come and go as they please.


Some famous Ophiuchus includes: Taylor Swift, Tyra Banks, Mo’Nique, Vanessa Hudgens, Anna Faris, Shawn Carter, Walt Disney, Woody Allen, Mark Twain, and Pope Francis.

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