Show off your spice and host a Salsalicious Summer Party!

Smeet Room Salsalicious Summer Party Chat Game

When it comes to hosting parties, we know there aren’t many that can match you crazy Smeeters. You’ve all hosted parties with a wide variety of themes over the years, and now it’s time to add another! Salsa parties may be a regular occurrence, but we aren’t talking about salsa dance this time around…

No. You have developed a wonderful salsa recipe that you can’t wait to try out on the masses. With extra chili, of course, because that’s how we like it… ;)

It’s classic ingredients only. Fresh Tomatoes, Onion and Garlic mixed in with some nice ‘n’ spicy Chili, all thrown in a Food Processor. Too easy! Then you just gotta make sure you remember to buy enough Tortilla Chips, and lay everything out for your guests – they’re in the mood to snack!

It’s a Smeet City salsa sensation, and you’re at the heart of it – have fun Smeeters!