Produce a special piece of art in the Room of the Great Masters!

Smeet Room Room of the Great Masters Chat Game

There have been many great painters throughout history, portraying emotions such as joy, sadness, laughter and horror in ways that the stickmen you doodled on your math textbook throughout high school never could…but now could be your chance to rectify things!

A new art studio, ‘The Room of the Great Masters’, has just opened up down the road. Rumor has it that the interior of the studio helps unlock long-hidden artistic inspiration in those who enter – sounds like it’s probably worth going down there to check it out.

Your basic materials include Oil Colors and Turpentine, so bring them to the Mixing Workbench to get started. The Painter’s Palette is also an obvious requirement, so don’t forget that too! All you need then is to develop your Painting Skill and combine it with some creative Inspiration to produce a magical piece of work! We know that finding Inspiration can sometimes be a struggle, so perhaps a little bit of Absinthe might help…go steady though, we don’t want things to get messy!

Oil painting is a slow process, Smeeters, so get to work now!