Send rays of color through the sky from Rainbow Island!

Smeet Room Rainbow Island Chat Game

Rainbows truly are one of nature’s most marvelous features. Beautiful splashes of color, travelling far across the sky and seemingly disappearing to nowhere…

Well, we’ve got some news for you, Smeeters. The source of this wizardry is in fact the mystical Rainbow Island! We know because we’ve seen it with our own eyes and we wouldn’t lie to you about, like, rainbows and stuff.

The Leprechauns and Fairies of Rainbow Island need some help at the moment, however. Luckily, they’ve got hold of your phone number and whizzed you, the most versatile handyman/woman the world has ever seen, away to their beautiful home!

Gather Magical Rainbow Energy from the Magical Rainbow Stones and mix it with the Golden Leprechaun Milk. Elsewhere, you need to get Shoes from the Shoemaker and Clovers from the Clover Field for the Merchant Fairies, who in turn can produce the Golden Clover Coins you need to fill the Cauldrons. It’s these Cauldrons that produce the beautiful rainbows that Rainbow Island is famous for!

Light up the skies, Smeeters!