Gather Golden Strawberries in McAur’s Strawberry Fields!

Smeet Room McAurs Strawberry Fields Chat Game

‘Living is easy with eyes closed…’

Uncle McAur to a young John Lennon, in a pub near Strawberry Fields, Liverpool – June 1959


Well, we will never really know if that conversation ever actually happened, but for now it’s best to just humor your wacky old uncle and nod along to his almost-definitely-made-up stories…

Regardless, your annual visit to see Uncle McAur has, as always, ended up with you becoming a part of another one of his hair-brained schemes. This year he has heard about a crop of special Golden Strawberries growing in a field near his house. Your job? The strawberry picking itself. I don’t know why you’re surprised, to be honest – even if you’re family, McAur has never been one to turn down the opportunity of free labor.

Gather some Empty Strawberry Baskets and you’re ready to begin! Enter the Strawberry Fields and see what you can find – obviously you can come away with Filled Strawberry Baskets, full to the brim of juicy fresh strawberries, perfect for selling to the Strawberry Merchants waiting nearby. However, if you find any special Golden Strawberries, Uncle McAur is the man that wants them!

Strawberry Fields forever, Smeeters!

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