Gather the important ingredients at Master Yukihira’s Sushi Restaurant!

Smeet Room Master Yukihiras Sushi Restaurant Chat Game

You feel honored. The most prestigious sushi master in Smeet City, Mr. Yukihira, has hired you as a kitchen helper at his Dimesville restaurant. This old man is a legend, the head of family that has amazed diners for decades with their classical dishes lovingly created using ancient sushi-making techniques.

A bit of a wannabe chef yourself, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn from a master, as well as his highly professional team. Everyone has to start somewhere, though, so you won’t be allowed near the actual sushi-making for now. No, your job is more of a ‘logistics’ role – moving the important ingredients around the kitchen to allow the experts to operate effectively. Perhaps, in time, you will become trusted and given more responsibility…

For now, bring Vegetables and Fish to the Sous-Chefs who will prepare the scrummy Sushi Filling. Give the filling to the Sushi Masters, along with Nori Sheets and Rice, and they will do the rest! Once they have used ancient techniques to produce the finished Sushi, take it to all the hungry customers waiting at the tables!

Help the Sushi Masters with their craft, Smeeters!