THREE WISE MONKEYS - A Message from Lord M.E.M.O

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The three wise monkeys figure is very famous around the World. The monkeys' names in the figure which is belong to Japanese culture are Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru. Mizaru covers his eyes not to see evil, Kikazaru covers his ears not to hear  evil and Iwazaru covers his mouth not to talk to evil. Here the story about Three Wise Monkeys.

Once upon a time there was a wise and good king monkey on the slope of a mountain and on the other slope of the montain there was a devil. The king monkey had three wise assistant monkeys.  According to the belief in the Monkey Kingdom, those who saw the devil living on the other slope and heard his voice were cursed forever. One day, while those three assistant monkeys were looking for rare flowers on a hill for their king, they heard rustle through the bushes. They came face to face with the devil when they looked at the bushes curiously. The devil started screaming with his ugly voice. The first of the monkeys closed his eyes to avoid seeing, but heard the voice of the devil. The second one closed his ears, but he saw the devil. The third one was unable to do anything,  saw the devil and heard his voice, he immediately closed his mouth not to tell anyone about this deadly secret. Three of them immediately hidden under a willow tree which it's branches reach to ground and they stayed there for hours. They were knowing that their hearts were going to be stone. They promised each other not to pull their hands from places they closed to protect their kingdom and people from the devil. After that day, when people saw three monkeys who closed their eyes, ears, and mouths, they understood that they saw and heard the devil, but they keep it a secret for sake benefit of society.

Why did I choose this story? Nowadays the World is full of Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru. Some of us look opposite direction not to come eye to eye with someone in trouble, some of us close ears not to hear screams of help and some of us do not say anything against injustice. Unresponsiveness and indifference make evil stronger. People who play three monkeys unwittingly put the chain of evil on their own necks. Evilness darkens their bright pure hearts and they turn into evil with time.

Have you ever tried to stop any injustice? Have you ever feel delightful peace in your heart when you justify aggrieved one? You have to try once at least. I believe that even though evilness has spread around the World, feeling of the delightful peace forces you to fight against the evilness even if you are alone. It is just the way to live in peace with all races in the World. We have to fight against injustice.

Maybe you are saying yourself " I can not do anything ". You can! If you have power to stop it, just stop it. If you do not have power to stop it, you verbally stand against it. If you can not do that too, reject it with your heart. Those three ways keep your heart always bright and protect you from chain of the evil.

Do your best for a fairer, more beautiful, happier future.

Yours truly

Lord Memo